Philanthropy matters

Something that is important to all of us at Griffith & Associates is giving back to our communities. Throughout the year, we focus on different initiatives like donating to local food banks, bringing in clothes to support Mustard Seed and being involved with 100 Women Who Care Airdrie. Our team members donate 10 dollars from their paycheck to support charitable initiatives and, as a thank-you gesture, are welcome to wear jeans on Fridays.

A significant milestone for us has been the establishment of a school in Sierra Leone in partnership with the Chaloner Children's Charity of Canada. The Griffith Family School, completed in 2022, is currently catering to the educational needs of more than 200 children from neighboring villages. With a team of seven committed teachers, the school is providing essential education within the community. Looking ahead, we are actively planning to commence the construction of a second school in 2023.

This is an important part of the Griffith legacy and as legacy builders ourselves, we help Clients create a legacy they can be proud of. Sometimes, this means donating stocks and securities to a charity you are passionate about.

Please connect with our team if you think you could be doing more with your legacy.



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