Headshot of Darren Devine

Darren Devine, CFP®, CLU®, CEA

Financial Planner, Sun Life
President of Devine and Associates Financial Services Inc.

With a passion for crafting tailored solutions, Darren thrives on simplifying complex financial situations, helping Clients understand every detail. 

Since 2001, he has been driven by overcoming challenges faced by everyday people in the financial services industry. 

With over twenty years of experience as a financial advisor, Darren brings highly personalized service and extensive knowledge to the table. He specializes in building and managing wealth, securing comfortable retirements, protecting income, managing parents' finances, saving for children's education, developing business investment strategies, and tax planning. 

As a leader, Darren heads a team of professionals dedicated to helping you achieve a lifetime of financial security, whether you're single, have a family, or own a business. 

Born and raised in Guelph, he values strong community roots, actively supporting local organizations such as Girls Softball, The Children's Foundation of Guelph and Wellington County, and partnering with HOPE House. Additionally, Darren contributes regularly to The Canadian Mental Health Association.

Beyond his professional commitments, Darren cherishes time with his wife and two children. An avid fisherman and outdoorsman, he finds joy in pursuing outdoor adventures. 

Darren's unwavering commitment and expertise make him a trusted partner on your financial journey.

Headshot of James Butler

James Butler, CFP®, B.Comm., CEA

Financial Planner, Sun Life

With a marketing specialty from the University of Guelph, James' journey in entrepreneurship began when he was accepted into the university's incubator program for start-up companies. This experience provided him with powerful insights into the financial needs of business owners. 

Since 2018, as an Associate Advisor, James offers Clients holistic financial advice, guiding them towards their goals with peace of mind. His deep understanding of each unique situation enables him to provide meaningful advice while simplifying complex subjects effectively—a welcomed challenge he embraces wholeheartedly. 

With nearly a decade of industry experience, James strives to make a positive difference in the lives of Clients. 

Outside of work, James dedicates his spare time to furthering his accreditations. In addition, he enjoys playing golf and basketball and embarks on adventures out west to hike and climb the Canadian Rockies. 

James' dedication to continuous learning and his passion for helping others make him a valuable asset in the financial planning journey of Clients.

Headshot of Selena Musselman

Selena Musselman, CEA

Service Associate, Sun Life
Chief Operations Officer, Devine & Associates Financial Services Inc.

Since 2008, Selena plays a pivotal role in ensuring the smooth functioning of the organization. Acting as a liaison between advisors, staff, and Clients, she maintains optimal service standards and prioritizes client satisfaction above all else. 

With a diverse skill set and a passion for problem-solving, Selena efficiently multitasks and takes on various responsibilities within the office. 

With over 20 years of industry experience, encompassing both the insurance and financial sectors, her commitment to upholding the highest standards of integrity and delivering top-notch service remains unwavering. Employing a systematic approach to process development, Selena adeptly resolves issues for the team and Clients alike. 

Outside of work, Selena cherishes quality time spent with her husband, mostly grown sons, and two chiweenie pups in their hometown of Elmira. Embracing the joys of summer, she frequently engages in camping trips, hikes on the trails, and delightful backyard BBQ gatherings with friends. 

Selena's dedication to excellence and her unwavering commitment to exceptional service make her a valued asset in ensuring the success of Devine and Associates Financial Services Inc. and Clients.

Headshot of Bonnie Forbes

Bonnie Forbes

Advisor Assistant, Sun Life
Marketing Manager at Devine and Associates Financial Services Inc.

A master of connecting with people, Bonnie's impeccable skills keep her on top of managing multiple advisors' schedules. With unwavering belief in the value of our services and the superior customer experience we provide, she plays a vital role in enhancing our brand presence.

Since joining our firm in 2007 with a strong service background, Bonnie has been instrumental in managing our social media and marketing efforts. She ensures our messages reach the right audience.  She handles logistics seamlessly, maintaining strong Client relationships and facilitating our charitable initiatives. With a passion for making a real impact in the community, Bonnie carefully selects charities that create positive change, bringing joy to those in need.

Beyond her professional pursuits, Bonnie embraces an active and healthy lifestyle while supporting local animal rescue centers. With a creative spirit that touches various areas, from art and writing to makeup, design, fashion, music, and cooking, she infuses her enthusiasm into everything she does. 

Bonnie's dedication and dynamic personality make her an invaluable asset to our team and to the Clients we serve.

Headshot of Stephanie Urch

Stephanie Urch

Service Associate, Sun Life

Since 2008, Her exceptional Client service and warm Sun Life welcome have been invaluable. Known for her passion for learning, Stephanie is an asset in building and maintaining strong Client relationships.
With a keen eye for detail, she plays a vital role in keeping the firm organized and on track, implementing efficient systems and meticulously checking off tasks.
Stephanie's love for providing high-level service to Clients shines through in her work, and she takes great satisfaction in knowing that she has genuinely helped them. Working with a team of great individuals, she finds joy in collaborating and delivering top-notch service.
Outside of the office, Stephanie indulges her love for reading and spends quality time with family and friends. Embracing an active lifestyle, she enjoys going for walks and hikes while also finding time to unwind by watching TV with her two adorable cats.
Stephanie's dedication to excellence and her genuine care for Clients make her an integral part of the Devine and Associates team.

Headshot of Courtney Derks

Courtney Derks

Advisors Assistant, Sun Life

As the newest member of the team, Courtney is the friendly face and first point of contact for the firm, ensuring Clients receive a warm and personalized welcome. With an upbeat demeanor and a smile that radiates through the phone, she guarantees that calls are promptly answered without the impersonal touch of a 1-800 call center.
Guiding Clients with direction through insightful questions, Courtney's knowledge is fortified by experience in the insurance industry, customer service, and business administration. Her ultimate focus on providing top-notch Client care is complemented by her positive energy, leaving Clients feeling valued and supported in all situations.
Understanding the profound impact of financial security on Clients' lives, Courtney dedicates herself to knowing the intricacies of their circumstances to deliver exceptional service.
Outside of work, Courtney effortlessly keeps life organized for her busy family. With a passion for cooking, music, and social activities, she particularly enjoys spending quality time with family and friends during the summer.
Courtney's enthusiasm, dedication, and caring nature make her a valuable ally in the pursuit of Clients' financial well-being.