Strength in expertise


It is crucial for us to educate Clients about our team and the range of services we offer. This knowledge empowers them to make the most of their opportunities and develop a strong financial plan. Our team is built on a foundation of collaboration, with three highly skilled professional advisors at the helm.

Sterling focuses on helping Clients build their wealth, while Dan's expertise lies in protecting and preserving that wealth. Supporting our advisors is Bethany, who plays a vital role in ensuring seamless operations. Our business partners include strategic specialists we will bring in when required.

When you meet with our team members, you can expect comprehensive solutions that are clearly defined. We are committed to assisting you in planning for retirement and safeguarding your family and business interests.

Sterling Menard, CFP®, EPC, MFA™

Advisor, Sun Life

I have been an advisor since 1992. My attention to detail, good listening skills and great empathy are symbols of my appreciation for Clients.​

My team supports me effectively. Their hard work and professionalism help us build long-term relationships with our growing Client base.​

My primary responsibility is income planning for seniors and making their investments work for them.​

I am happily married to my lovely wife. When away from the office, we spend time with family and friends and chase fish all over this great planet.​

Daniel Brophy

Associate Advisor, Sun Life

In my role as Associate Advisor, I help individuals and families protect and reach their goals. ​ My specialties include helping business owners with corporate and estate planning strategies, helping established individuals looking to coordinate for their futures, teaching Clients about tax and estate planning benefits, educating business owners on navigating company growth, and preparing business protection plans.​

I joined Sun Life in 2017 and have worked with Menard Financial Services Ltd. since 2020. My goal is to build strong partnerships based on trust with the Clients I work with. I use my expertise to help bring them financial success accompanied with peace of mind.​

Bethany Evanchuk

Advisor Assistant, Sun Life

As a friendly, warm, and witty member of our team, my top priority is providing Clients with excellent administrative support. I genuinely enjoy our team environment and the positive atmosphere we've created.

Outside of work, my young son keeps me busy. In my spare time, I find joy in refinishing furniture-a creative outlet that allows me to bring something old back to life.

Our business partners

We collaborate with Sun Life Estate and Financial Planning Specialists to optimize the effectiveness of your financial plan. These experts are brought in as needed, and you will be introduced to them at the appropriate juncture. They provide professional financial planning including: estate planning, retirement planning, taxation, investment strategies, contingency planning, and money management related to tax and planning factors. Together, we form your all-encompassing financial planning team.