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At Menard Financial, we strengthen Clients’ futures so ​they can live a life of dignity – ​ no matter what happens.

True peace of mind can only be accomplished when Clients have the truth and are given informed, sincere advice. We tell it like it is and look out for you and your business. By entrusting us with your financial planning, you free up valuable time to focus on the meaningful aspects of your life. Meanwhile, we diligently work behind the scenes to maximize your financial strategies and grow your wealth. Rest assured, we will proactively reach out to you if any changes are necessary or if we have additional recommendations to enhance your financial well-being.​

Meet our team

We place high value on educating Clients about our team and services to empower them in maximizing opportunities and creating robust financial plans.

Our team is comprised of three proficient advisors: Sterling and Krista focus on wealth-building, while Dan is dedicated to safeguarding that wealth. Jazzy and Bethany provide essential support to our advisors.

We take pride in offering comprehensive solutions, precisely tailored to meet your unique needs. Our commitment is to guide you through a journey of financial empowerment and success.

Check out our video for a more in-depth introduction. 

True peace of mind

Our connection with Clients deepens over time. Like a sturdy knot binding two separate lines, the Menard team and the Client unite to produce a strong and dependable plan in hopes of a positive result. This knot doesn't rely on external support to maintain its integrity; its bond remains unbreakable and becomes even more resilient under pressure, just like the Menard team.

Through your active participation and our dedicated assistance, our relationship and achievements will flourish and expand throughout your lifetime.

We'll introduce you to ideas you may have never considered. All you need is our committed team, working tirelessly to bring you peace of mind.


Are we a fit for you?

True peace of mi

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Building wealth

We are realists – what you see is what you get. We help Clients build their wealth by providing expert financial guidance and personalized investment strategies based on the facts.

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Protecting wealth

We empower Clients to protect their wealth through risk management strategies. They spend more time doing the things they love, with the confidence that their family is protected from the unexpected.

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Business planning

As you progress on your business journey, our advisors become your board of directors. These professionals are here to assist you in navigating through every stage.

Our commitments to Clients

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We become a partner Clients can trust. When they have a firm belief in our reliability, they can confidently delegate the planning to us. Then, we maximize their opportunities and produce results.

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The work we do with Clients is thorough and done right. We are not motivated by our success but rather what is right for the Client. 

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We say what we need to say and get everything out in the open. True peace of mind can only be accomplished when Clients have the truth and are given informed, sincere advice.

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We understand what is going on in the markets, pay attention to world news and are well informed. We are committed to improving and educating Clients on what we know and believe.

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Provider of clarity

Provider of clarity

We help Clients understand what is really happening with their financials. If they don't understand something, we give explanations. Strengthening their understanding is a priority.

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Team focused

Team focused

We have a vision for the future and want to grow and develop the team. We are proud of our cohesive team. We all look out for each other and respect one another. This is reflected in our excellent service.​


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